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Rejoignez-nous ! (recrutement & charte)

1800+ items ... Classification : Alphabétique || Géographique || Listing


__________ Adonis map :

 Hood of Black Waters Repair Coordination Assistant Blackpack
Brumal Slither  Brumal Chest Symbiant of Endurance
Cantankerous Golem  Cantankerous's Headwear  Fingerspitzgefuhl  Trench Soldier's Strap  Spirit Tech Apparatus: Double Barrel | Long Muzzle | Short Muzzle
Chilly, Algid Slither  Philosophical Slither Larvae
Cold Slither  Cold Snakeskin Sleeve
Corrupt Spirit  Spirit of Saccelum
Cranky Golem  Cranky Golem Eye  Commander's Ceremonial Chest Plate  Spirit Tech Apparatus: Double Barrel | Long Muzzle | Short Muzzle
Crabby Golem  The Cause of Headache  Doubleknit Pants  Spirit Tech Apparatus: Double Barrel | Long Muzzle | Short Muzzle
Delinquent Spirit  Spirit of the Innocence
Gashing Soul Dredge Sleeves of Gashing
Iced Slither  Ring of Something Extra
Iniquitous Spirit  Impudent Bracer
Irascible Golem  Golem's Warm Notum Hood  Spirit of Opportunity
Jukes Floating Bag of Jukes
Lurking Dryad  Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol  Jobe City Guard Personal Pistol
Mooching Dryad  Ring that turns Rocks Maybe  Longsword of the Illuminated
Nippy Slither  Nippy John Stiletto
Peristaltic Abomination  Light Perennium Container > Syndicate Shades
Peristaltic Aversion  Light Perennium Container > Syndicate Shades /  Light Perennium Container > Blackpack /  Light Perennium Container > Doctor's Pill Pack
Sinful Soul Dredge  Headband of Haste
Skylight  Superior Skylight Shield
Snaking Dryad  Ring of Herodotus
Soul Dredge Named Heavy Bracer & Heavy Bracer
Stark  Stark Pants
Stealing Dryad  Crackerjack Sleeves  Bunny Boots
Tiny  Tiny Spider Band  Tiny Spider Band  Tiny Spider Band
Vile Spirit  Spirit of Saccelum
Whirling Rocks Minion Ice Pulse Pistol Repair Coordination Assistant
Catacomb bosses Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Watchful Spirit Phulakterion


__________ Alappa :

Loots base
Items tradeskilled :
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful Mind
Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn
Android NCU Injector
Frozen Yuttos Remedies


__________ Albtraum :

Loots base

Items tradeskilled :
Necklace of Phobia
Ancient Combat Bracer
Ancient Damage Generation Device
Ancient Defender
Ancient Engineering Device
Ancient Medical Bracer
Ancient Medical Device
Ancient Nano Enhancer
Ancient Technical Bracer
Ancients Skills library
Infused Viral Compiler
Masterpiece Ancient Bracer
Masterpiece Ancient Combat Tuner
Masterpiece Ancient Defensive Bracer
Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid
Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU
Ancient Spirit Stims Ice of Albtraum Arrows


__________ Aliens :

(city / sector)
Sector 42 Unlearning Device / Kyr'Ozch Invasion Plan
Sector 13, 42 Action Probability Estimator / Dynamic Gas Redistribution Valves
Sector 28, 42 Inertial Adjustment Processing Unit / Notum Amplification Coil
Sector 35, 42 Energy Redistribution Unit / Visible Light Remodulation Device
Sector 13, 28, 35, 42 Kyr'Ozch Rank Identification / Kyr'Ozch Battlesuit Audio Processor / Kyr'Ozch Battlesuit Water Processing Unit / Kyr'Ozch Video Processing Unit / Kyr'Ozch Helmet / Hacker ICE-Breaker Source / Kyr'Ozch Data Core
Sector 10 Alien Tank Armour / Alien Battery / Alien Reflex Modifier / Alien Beacon / Alien Translation Device / Translated Alien Data Storage / Tous les type de VB (QL 150 environ)
Sector 7 Belts/Decks / Kyr'Ozch Nano Protection Ring / Special Edition Kyr'Ozch / Viral Communications Larvae
City Ankari boss Arithmetic VB
City Cha boss Supple VB
City Ilari boss Spiritual VB
City Jaax boss Strong VB
City Rimah boss Observant VB
City Xoch boss Enduring VB


__________ Arete Landing :

32-V Docker : Power Supply, Robot Junk, Optical Enhancer
Aliens : Kyr'Ozch Weapons
Angry Minibull : Bone Plates, Leather Hide, Large Skull
Cleaning Robot : Robot Junk
Desert Reet : Reet Beak
Rollerrat : Rollerrat Intestines
Waste Collector : Compression Chamber , Fuel Chamber, Robot Junk
Garbage Flea : Fluid Sample
Leet : Spinal Section


__________ Avalon et raid Otaf :

Clan Modified A-4000

Modified A-4000 NCU Sheet
Modified A-4000 Sensory Panel
Clan Modified A-4001
Modified A-4000 NCU Sheet
Modified A-4000 Sensory Panel
General Kaehler Jr
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Boots
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Gloves
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Pants
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves
Head of General Kaehler
Omni-Pol Command Juggernaut
Flower Guard Gofle Prod
Flower Guard Triplate Metal Armor Cloak
Flower Guard Triplate Metal Boots
Flower Guard Triplate Metal Gauntlets
Flower Guard Triplate Metal Helmet
Juggernaut Rear Mitrailleuse
Juggernaut's Anti-Gravity Unit
Standard Juggernaut Nano Containment Module
Supply Master Eel
A little brown book
A Silver Platter
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Boots
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Gloves
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Pants
DNA-Locked Omni-Armed Forces Sleeves


__________ Biodome raid:

Ressurected Swamp
(Wierder, Witch, Hag, Watcher, Mistress, Crone)
Folded Cardboard Box (Ole's Cardboard Box)
The Extruder
Denaturing Entorc/Warden
Shard of a Keycard (Broken Keycard)
Reactive (Armor)

Urqhart The Absorber (biodome)
Jathos' Armor (upgradable > Enhanced)
Pattern of the Occurence of Death (Nt)
Business Card (Associate) (Crat)
Pattern of Indomitable Life (Mp)


__________ Camelot's Castle :

Morgan Le Faye (Camelot Castle)
Gutting Hook
Extra Curved Gutting Hook
Torturing Tool
A Well Shaped Tool of Torturing
Lord Ghasap (Camelot Castle)
Fork of Ghasap
Dreadful Pitchfork
Corroded Blade
Corroded Ring
Pattern of Inevitable Death
Pattern of Imminent Death
Well-Worn Antiquated Sword
De'Valos (Camelot Castle)
Nanobot Infusion Device
Tarasque (Camelot Castle)
Aura Magnifier
Chunk of Living Dragon flesh, Lump of Living Dragonmarrow, Patch of Living Dragonskin, Piece of Living Dragonwing, Shard of Living Dragon skull > Living Dragon Parts
Cloak of the Wandering Knight
Gaily Painted Hood > Notum Imbued Gaily Painted Hood
Globe of Clarity > Imbued Globe of Clarity
Globe of Sufferance
Heart of Tarasque
Heavily Padded Overcoat
Heavy-Headed Hardwood Staff
Hollow Bone Bracer of Merlin Ambrosius
Robust Backpack > Empowered Robust Backpack
Signet Ring of the Green Knight
Sinew of Tarasque
Smart Hood of the Wanderer
Smelly Butcher Gloves
Stereotypical Dragon Tooth Poker
The Edge of the Tarasque > Honed Edge of Tarasque


__________ Collector :

Manex armor (social)
Basic loots : Temple, For, SoM, SD, Uniques, Cata
Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol
Exterminator Ocular Enhancement
Bronze Chest of the Collector (common)
Manex armor (back)
Advanced loots : IS, Cam, Escaped, Mercs, Uniques
Quick-Draw Holster of Aries
Spirit Baubles
Silver Chest of the Collector (rare)
Superior loots : Uniques, DB, HI, Cam, AI+VB
Globe of Clarity
Fly Catcher's Specs
Modified Ancient Combat Bracer
Devalo's rings
Golden Chest of the Collector (super rare)
Rare loots : AI+VB, Cam, RK
Alien Combat Directive Controller
Omni-Tek Gunship
Robust Backpack
Extreme Low Light Targeting Scope


__________ Clan Uniques :

Gnuff (will to fight)
Gnuff's Rift Crystal
Jack 'Legchopper' Menendez
Ambidextrous Plasteel Gloves
Bloodstained Dog-Tag
Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset
DNA Sample
Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus
Important looking briefcase
Jack's Head
Proof of what happened to Joslyn
Remains of a long lost pet
Severed leg of the Grand Master
Silken Legchopper Gloves
Supporting Carbonan Holster
This Axe Belongs to Jack
Marcus Robicheaux, Poet Laureate
Poetic Pants
Poetic Sleeves
Poetic Stretch-band
Professor Van Horn
Journeyman Durable Boost
The Expensive Vest of Professor Jones
Trash King + pad quest robots : lackey, electro unique, nuts & bolts, greasy joints, live metal , best in brass, metalomania, galvano
Clan Shoulderpads for the Suspicious
Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned
Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious Reinforced NCU Component Belt
Plaster Circuit - Brawl


__________ Cyborgs Barracks :

Commander Jocasta

Immortal Katana
Augmented Cyborg Armor
Sub-Dermal Vengeance Screen (Left Hand)
Sub-Dermal Vengeance Screen (Right Hand)
Cyborg Foot-soldiers

Augmented Cyborg Armor
Hellfury Assault Cannon
Library of Foul Language
Eradicator Deimos
Deimos' Bio-Enhanced Feedback Rifle
Bastion of Deimos
Augmented Cyborg Armor
General Severus
Severus' Fusion Sprayer
Severus' Void Spinner
Augmented Cyborg Armor
Techleader Praetor
Force-effect Vibro Blade
Augmented Cyborg Armor
Prototype Inferno
Augmented Cyborg Armor
Hellspinner Shock Cannon


__________ Crypt of Home :

Coh Mobs

Necromancer Cloak (upgrades : Reanimator's ql 150 max > Reanimated, 6 types, 5 upgrades)
Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin
Dark Pistol
Dark Pistol of The Revoked
Cloak of the Revoked
Anillo Casero de la Cripta
Collar Casero de la Cripta
Gas Bladder
Bundle of Twisting Nerves
Pit Demon
Hood of Wicked Inspiration
Pit Demon Heart
Pit Demon Spit
Alpha Skincrawler
Brother's Brass Knuckles
Damaged Proliferation Unit
Human Skin Hood
Bracer of Recondite Flames
Bracer of the Dark Flame
Intimate Tentacle Things
Tentacle Tape
Tentacle Thongs
Tentacle Threads
Neck Eye
Grasping Ring
Cerubin the Rejected
Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin
Gamboling Master's
Shapeshifter's Vest
Bracer of Recondite Flames
Jagged Claw
Focus-Funneling Device
Cenobite Shadow


__________ Dark Ruins :

Dark Ruins Quest

Cultist Outfit
Dark Ruins Goddess
Goddess Armor


__________ Deep Artillery Valley Uniques :

The Pest

Left Sleeves of the Pest
NanoCrystal (Corruption of The Pest)
NanoCrystal (Lick of The Pest)
Patch of Pest
Petticoat of Pest
Right Sleeves of the Pest
Special Agent Lamb
Chain of Concealment
NanoCrystal (Resonance Blast)
The HSR Detective
Polymorphed Lunatic
Nano Crystal (Nullity Sphere MK II)
Nano Crystal (Team Beacon Warp)
Ljotur the Lunatic
Eleet Doll
Eye of the Hunter
Ljotur Beets of Clamping
Ljotur Pants of Cornucopia
Mirror Mask of Ljotur
NanoCrystal (Candycane)
Twelve-Fingered Graspers of Ljotur
Unbecoming Sleeves of Ljotur
Upper Part of Ljotur


__________ Dreadlochs :

Doctor's Left Hand of Grace
Doctor's Right Hand of Hope
Dreadloch Balanced Freedom Arms
Dreadloch Combat Remodulator
Dreadloch Enhanced Bear
Dreadloch Enhanced Panther
Dreadloch Modified Shark
Dreadloch Obliterator
Dreadloch Rapier
Dreadloch Remodulator
Dreadloch Shen Sticks
Dreadloch Thrasher
Dreadloch Tigress
Dreadloch Aiming Apparatus
Dreadloch Damage Amplifier
Dreadloch Endurance Booster
Dreadloch Endurance Booster Enforcer Special
Dreadloch Endurance Booster Nanomage Edition
Dreadloch Sniper's Friend
Dreadloch Stab Guidance System
Dreadloch Stabilising Aid
Dreadloch Survival Predictor
Hellfyre Magma Suit
Smuggled Combat Merit Board Base
Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base

__________ Dust Brigade :

General Kronilis

General Nirtox
General Vivyan
HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition
HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M
Dust Collector

Dustbrigade Commander (Armor)
Dustbrigade Trooper (Armor)
Mapmaker Boots
Pants of Participation
Safeguarded NCU Memory
Specialized Dustbrigade Vambrace Atrox Breed
Specialized Dustbrigade Vambrace Nano Breed
Specialized Dustbrigade Vambrace Opifex Breed
Threatening Trousers
Ground Chief Aune Dust Brigade Playfield
Infused Ancient Defender
Infused Ancient Nano Enhancer
Infused Ancient Speed Preservation
Infused Ancient Vision Preservation
Upgrade Bracer (10x Dust Brigade Notum Infuser )
Upgrades Jathos ( Black = Head+Chest / White = all other )
Ground Chief Mikkelsen Dust Brigade Outpost
Enhanced Dustbrigade Sleeves
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit
Enhanced Dustbrigade Covering
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit
Enhanced Dustbrigade Flexible Boots
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit
Enhanced Dustbrigade Combat Chestpiece
Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit
Enhanced Dustbrigade Spirit-tech Chestpiece
Master Melee Program
Enhanced Dustbrigade Chemist Gloves
Master Nano Technology Program
Enhanced Dustbrigade Notum Gloves
Master Combat Program
Technological Officer Darwelsior (DB3)
Dust Brigade Assistance Module
Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit
Dust Brigade Bracer
Advanced Dust Brigade Notum Infuser
Dust Brigade Special Ops Helmet
Holodeck ICC Mission Rewards
DustBrigade Operative Armor
Rites of the High Exarch
Initiate Teachings of the Immortal One
Swollen Mass of Mutant Flesh
ICC Recruit Experience Stimulant
ICC Peace Keeper Recall Beacon
Unicorn Kyr'Ozch Stat Purge
Overtuned Mother Nitrogena


__________ Eastern Foul Plains Uniques :

Diamondine Soldier

HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition
HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M
Diamondine Kick Pistol
Diamond-Matrix Mesh
Titan Viper Tattoo
Diamondine Trainee
Diamondine Kick Pistol
Diamond-Matrix Mesh
Fiery Soldier
Beeping Backpack
Master of Combustion
Notum Soldier
Nophex Plasma Destroyer II
Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Sleeves
Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Pants
Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Gloves
Notum Infused Kevlar Armor Boots
Notum Infused Kevlar Body Armor
Pulsing Notum Disruptor (Augmented Hellfury Assault Cannon)
Notum Trainee
Erratic Notum Disruptor (Boosted Hellfury Assault Cannon)
The Obediency Enforcer
Aluminium Armband of Ambidexterity
Blue Bracer of Balance
Contained Anti-Matter Generator (Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon)
NanoCrystal (Shield of the Obedient Servant)
Punishment Rod
Slayerdroid Crystal Claw
Obediency Inspector
Fluctuating Anti-Matter Generator (Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon)


__________ Elysium map :

Catervauling Minx Shuffling Finger
Dryad : Brutish / Limber Bootlegger Armor Parts Pelisse of the Elysian Nymph Finely Refined Notum
Eremite : Coiling / Bending / Winding Eremite Psychic Sensor Eremite Micro Sensor Eremite Macro Sensor
Imps : Asperous / Disturbing / Screeching Elysian Protector's Cuirass Focus-Funneling Spirit
Mortiig : Inicha / Aniuchach / Suininnik / Tuaninnik Spirit Tech Apparatus Mortiig Blaster of Torment Mortiig Blaster of Suffering
Predator : Wounded / Limping / Howling / Pained Predator Armor Set Outsider Armor Parts
Sadistic / Tdecin / Athlar / Zias Spirit Training Program Spirit Ring of Self-Education
Soul + Spirit : Waining / Comatosed / Lost Problem Solving Device Problem Avoiding Device Problem Seeking Device
Catacomb bosses Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star


__________ Escaped Prisoners:

Escaped Prisoners special quest (Milky way)
Soul of the ... (upgrades : Reanimator's ql 150 max > Reanimated, 6 types, 5 upgrades)
Crude Upgrade Kit
Blade of Khione's Will
Twitch Pistol
Reflex Pistol
Improved Black Clan Heavy Tank Armor
Improved Hacked Medi-Blade
Hacked Medi-Blade
Sturdy Detention Boots


__________ Foreman's ou Biomare :


HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition
HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M
Collar of Amplification Quest item !
Lab Director
Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000
Sealed Order BLCG-7791
Sealed Order FPGA-202
Sealed Order XITL-0127

Corroded Ring


__________ Gauntlet :

SSC "Bastion" Back Armor - Collatz
SSC "Bastion" Left Shoulder Armor - Collatz
SSC "Bastion" Right Shoulder Armor - Collatz
NCU Infuser
A Single Strand of Glowing Dark Energy


__________ Hollow Island :

First Brood Champion

Liquid Notum Ring
Nelly's Chip
Second Brood Champion
Remains of AESA 10
Soft Ring with Fluff
Third Brood Champion
Glimmering Magnetic Ring
Notum Miner's Hard Hat
Fourth Brood Champion
Crystalized Medusa Queen Hippocampus
Luminous Copper Band
Mutated Eremite Leg
Fifth Brood Champion

Lion's Leather (Armor)
Ring of the endless Depths
Thick Leather Wristband
Sixth Brood Champion
I am the Eel
Suzerain's Spiritual Chief Headwear
Seventh Brood Champion
Disco Duck Sunglasses
Electric Boogie Sunglasses
Expensive Gift from Earth
Funk Flamingo Sunglasses
Gurgling River Sprite
I am the Bear
Suzerain's Military Chief Headwear
Eight Brood Champion
Chip of the Eight
I am the Owl
Suzerain's Political Chief Headwear
Nineth Brood Champion
Lion's Leather (Armor)
Mutated Eremite Foetus
Smooth Gold Alloy Ring
Tenth Brood Champion
Hammered Gold Ring
The Hollow Island Suzerain
Brood Champion Gauntlets
Clan Ring of Salvation
The Brood Mother
Lion's Leather (Armor)
Professional Marksman's Kit
Hollow Island Weed
Fly Catcher's Specs
Beefeater's Merit Board
Captain Lotto's Merit Board
Front Fighter Merit Board
Merit Board of the Angry Men
Merit Board of the Blue Wolf
Merit Board of the Long Distance Runner
Merit Board of the Rainbow Chrysanthemum
Messenger Merit Board
Metal Fungus Merit Board
Omni-Tek Engineer Corps Merit Board
Omni-Tek Nano Reservoire Merit Board
Omni-Tek Shock Trooper Merit Board
Smuggled Combat Merit Board Base
Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base
Standard Clan Leader Merit Board
Technocrat Merit Board
Profiteers Helper

Silly Ring
The Argument


__________ Inferno map :

Afreet Ellis Massive Bolt Charger 
Anansi's Abettor Maiden's Gloves 
Anansi's Disciple  Turn Spirits
Anansi's Favorite  Short Circuited Spiritech Circlet  Short Circuited Spiritech Circlet
Anansi's Left Hand  Meta-Cerebellum Ring
Aniitap's Shadow  Piercing Evil 
Akshk'i  Moon Watcher Helmet  Gauntlets of Star Confabulation 
Ahomac  Bellum Badonis Armour
Apprentice Beasthandler  Master's Eye  Finely Refined Notum 
Astypalia  Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour 
Atakirh  Armplates of Meteorite Assembly  Boots of Stolen Comet Speed  Vest of Torpid Sunrays  Moon Watcher Helmet  Pernicious Body Armor  Overcoat of the Firmament 
Bia's Favorite  Turn Spirits several times
Bigot Helozabasael  Bigot's Armband of Sacrifice  igot's Earring of Sacrifice
Bigot Nzaemihiel  Bigot's Earring of Sacrifice
Beast  Turn Spirit of the Masked Adjutant
Chimera Monitor  Monitor Smoking Suit 
Chimera Trainer  Shroud of Darkest Night
Conflagrant Spirit  Syndicate Messenger Gun
Crete  Head Symbiant of the Love Child  Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun  Grail of the Antlered King 
Creepy Spider  Slippers of Screaming 
Devoted Spirit Hunter  Fanatic's Jacket 
Distracted Snake Tamer  Snake Tamer Shield 
Enkindled Spirit  Enkindled Spirit Focus 
Estella Fire  Spirit Tech Toolbox 
Fanatic Spirit Hunter  Fanatic's Jacket 
Fetid Eremite  Malodorous Ring 
Hebiel  Bellum Badonis Armour
Isham  Overcoat of the Firmament    Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling    Vest of Torpid Sunrays 
Ishimk'Imk  Mark of the Fisher King    Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling 
Incandescent Spirit  Compagnero 
Ithaki  Maul of Gwyddawg   Maul of Menestyr Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun 
Limnos  Mystical Green Hood 
Malah-Fulcifera  Curse of Malahde 
Maychwaham  Overcoat of the Firmament 
Maychwyawi  Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling  Device
Medusa Philanderer  Gallant Flapper Ribbon 
Natsmaahpt  Moon Watcher Helmet 
Noxious Eremite  Shopkeeper's Sharkskin Sleeves 
Numiel  Codex Clavis 
Obsolete Soul Dredge  Boots of the Imaginative 
Paxos  Turn Spirits several times
Phatmos  Phatmos' Loot    Phatmos' Booty 
Punctlious Hiathlin  Bellum Badonis Armour
Pursued Spirit  Apprehensive Spirit Pitcher 
Putrid Eremite  Sword of Wonder 
Pyiininnik  The Sacrificed Bracelet of Kay 
Razor the Battletoad  Barrel of Bacam-Xum 
Rotting Eremite  Sword of Wonder    Suzerain's Political Chief Headwear
Lord of the Void & Catacomb bosses Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Watchful Spirit Phulakterion
Spetses Sparkling Scimitar of Spetses
Tuq' usk Exact Copy of The Excalibur


__________ Inner Sanctuum :

1er Etage Mobs IS

Archdeacon Robe

Tattered book: Karmic Fist
Iron-bound Funeral Urn
High Exarch Robe
First Circle of the Inner Sanctum
Parasitic Hecataleech
Corrupted Flesh
Rod of Dismissal
Nano Crystal (Saemus' Crystalizer)
Small Obsidian Jar
Obsidian Jar
2eme Etage Mobs IS (sauf boss)
+ Re-Incarnator

Blighted Soulmark

Defiled Bloodmark
Bloodseal of the Infernal Tyrant
Right Hand of Entropy
Prelude to Chaos
Preceptor Robe
Icebound Heart
Dominus Robe
Twilight's Murder
Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant (Armor)
Small Obsidian Jar
Obsidian Jar
Abaddon Upgrades
Iskop the Idolator (2eme IS)
Inner Sanctum Knowledge (bottom half of key)

Maw of the Abyss
Jeuru's Oscillating Ligature
Frost-bound Reaper
Bloodshed Armband
Second Circle of the Inner Sanctum
Charred Abaddon Chassis + upgrades
Ring of Putrescent Flesh
Jeuru the Defiler (2eme IS)
Inner Sanctum Knowledge (top half of key)

Maw of the Abyss
Jeuru's Oscillating Ligature
Frost-bound Reaper
Bloodshed Armband
Second Circle of the Inner Sanctum
Charred Abaddon Chassis + upgrades
3eme Etage Mobs IS (sauf boss)
Desecrated Bloodmark

Tainted Soulmark
Gloomfall (Armor)
Abaddon Upgrades
Fist of the Dominator
Dominus Jiannu (3eme IS)
Mnemonic Fragment

Might of the Revenant
Abaddon Upgrades
Constrained Gridspace Waveform
Facus the Bloodless (3eme IS)
Bloodseal of the Infernal Tyrant

Mnemonic Fragment
Might of the Revenant
Ummoh the Pedagogue (3eme IS)
Skull of Misery
Skull of Despair
Charred Abaddon Chassis + upgrades
Mnemonic Fragment
Corrupted Flesh
Teachings of the Immortal One
Third Circle of the Inner Sanctum (divers)
Ring of Putrescent Flesh
The Primeval Skull
Inobak the Gelid (3eme IS)
Frost Shard

Abaddon Upgrades
Gelid Blade of Inobak
Icebound Heart
Fist of the Dominator
The Primeval Skull
Hezak the Immortal (3eme IS)
Constrained Gridspace Waveform

Rod of Dismissal
Abaddon Upgrades
Bloodseal of the Infernal Tyrant
Third Circle of the Inner Sanctum (divers)
Charred Abaddon Chassis + upgrades
Ichor of the Immortal One
Abyssal Desecrator
Impious Dominator


__________ Mercs raid :

Patricia Johnson

Boots of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Gloves of Azure Reveries
Helmet of Azure Reveries
Luxurious Rubber Pants
Luxurious Rubber Shirt
Luxurious Rubber Sleeves
Pain of Patricia
Pants of Azure Reveries
Reign of Patricia
Sleeves of Azure Reveries
Peter Lee
Boots of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Gloves of Azure Reveries
Heavy Notum Tank Armor
Helmet of Azure Reveries
Light Notum Tank Armor
Medium Notum Tank Armor
Pants of Azure Reveries
Sleeves of Azure Reveries
Ris Lee
Boots of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Fancy Stethoscopic Glasses
Gloves of Azure Reveries
Helmet of Azure Reveries
Pants of Azure Reveries
Sleeves of Azure Reveries
Ian Warr
Average Gloves
Blood Bat
Blood Mace
Boots of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Flaxen Notum Pants
Gloves of Azure Reveries
Helmet of Azure Reveries
Pants of Azure Reveries
Pioneer of Jobe Cloak
Rust-Pitted Ring
Sleeves of Azure Reveries
Stone Samurai Boots
Nelly Johnson
Boots of Azure Reveries
Breastplate of Azure Reveries
Gloves of Azure Reveries
Helmet of Azure Reveries
Nelly Johnsons Little Black Dress
Pants of Azure Reveries
Sleeves of Azure Reveries


__________ Miy's & rhinoman :

Anvians (SFH, Andro, 4holes) Miy's Scary Miy's Melee
Aquans (Mort) Miy's Ranged
Cyborgs (Mort, PW, Milky, Aval, Great Tir) Miy's
Drills (Milky, Belial, SFH) Miy's Tank Miy's Ranged Miy's Scary
Mantis (Mort, PW) Miy's Scary Miy's Melee Miy's Ranged Miy's Tank
Medusas (DAV, EFP) Miy's Nano
Rhinos (N.Desert, V.Woods) Rhinoman Armor
Bronto Mama/Boss (Andromeda, 4 Holes, Clondyke, Greater Tir, Lush Fields, Broken Shores, Newland Desert) Bronto Patch ql 10 > 90 (90+ : mission)


__________ Nascence map :

Ripplers/Croakers Quagmire Cloak of Nascence
Vile Weaver Zealot's Armor Parts
Mesut-Rat   Exploiter's Armor Parts
Remur-Nefer Exploiter's Armor Parts
Malah-Appi Sanguisugent Armor Parts
Malah Mobs Thar's Armor Parts
Demonic Subjugator Killer's Armor Parts
Swiftwind Outsider's Armor Parts
Papagena The Mariner's Father Chapter 1 to 4
Lord of the Void Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Watchful Spirit Phulakterion


__________ Omni Forest Divers :


White Sack
Support Wire
Colonel Frank Kaehler
Kaehler Uniform Sleeves
Mendix Biomech AR-2a


__________ Omni Uniques :

Daria Marie Walzer

Kevlar Armbands
The Third Eye of Daria
Very Very Very Cool Top
Very Very Very Hot Pants
Elian Zuwadza
Blackshirt of Zuwadza
Flamethrower of Zuwadza
Stinging Snake Tattoo
Escaped Gargantula
Gift of the Old Gargantula
Gnuff (will to fight)
Gnuff's Rift Crystal
Iron Reet
Droid Control-device
Modified Aggression Enhancer
Mick 'Nugget' McMullet
Energized Carbonan Oven Mittens
Shades of Lucubration


__________ Pandemonium Bosses :

The Nightheart
the Source
Maar's Blue Belt of Double Prudence
Maar's Red Belt of Double Power
Maar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed
Notum Seed
Novictum Seed
The Beast the Source
Armor of Beast
Weapons of Beast : Lord of & Lady of
Stars of Beast
Sword of Dawn / Sword of Dusk
Sunrise Hilt / Sunset Hilt
The Lighter Side / The Darker Side
Zods Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo :
Aquarius' Boots of Small Steps
Mediative Gloves of the Aquarius
Dynamic Sleeves of Aries
Dynamic Sleeves of Aries
Aries' Tiara of the Quick Witted
Cancer's Silver Boots of the Autodidact
Cancer's Gloves of Automatic Knowledge
Cancer's Ring of Circumspection
Capricorn's Bracer of Toxication
Gloves of the Caring Capricorn
Collector Pants of Gemini
Gemini's Double Band of Linked Information
Leo's Mellow Gold Pad of Auto-Support
Leo's Grandiose Gold Armband of Plenty
Leo's Faithful Boots of Ancient Gold
Libra's Charming Assistant
Urbane Pants of Libra
Cosmic Guide of the Pisces
Octopus Contraption of the Pisces
Soulmark of Pisces
Comfort of the Sagittarius
Strong Mittens of the Sagittarius
Punters of Scorpio
Scorpio's Shell of Change
Taurus' Ring of the Heart
Virgo's Arrow Guide
Aquarius' Multitask Calculator
Intuitive Memory of the Aquarius
Quick Draw Holster of Aries
Boon of Aries
Cancer's Time-Saving Memory
Capricorn's Reliable Memory
Capricorn's Guide to Alchemy
Cross-Dimensional Gyro of Gemini
Gemini's Green Scope of Variety
Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo
Aim of Libra
Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra
Mystery of Pisces
First Creation of the Sagittarius
Sagittarius' Hearty Spirit Helper
Scorpio's Aim of Anger
Sash of Scorpio Strength
Taurus' Spirit of Patience
Taurus' Swordmaster Spirit
Taurus' Spirit of Reflection
Virgo's Analytical Spirit Helper
Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper
Virgo's Modest Spirit of Faith


__________ Penumbra map :

Notum Scourges Spirit Shroud
Alyssa Alyssas Ballistic Armor
Unredeemed Temple Black Cloak Hood
Prophet Thin Shoulder Pad of Urga Van
Omega Carlos Carlos' Danger Armor
Vanya Vanyas Pearl of the Left/Right Brain Long Gloves of Vanya
Catacomb bosses Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Watchful Spirit Phulakterion


__________ Pyramid :

(The Dark Pyramid Below) Coords : Broken Shores - Bosses (Daemon / Azdaja / Maiden / Phobettor)
Upgraded Token Boards
Awakened Beast Armor
Hiisi Pupil Armor
Corrupted Beast Weapons
Ancient Resorative Fungus
Sluggish Notum Lens
Ancient Aggressive Webbing
Dense Nanite Aegis
Ancient Protective Drone


__________ Sheol map :

Catacomb bosses Ring of Computing Ring of Divine Teardrops Eye of the Evening Star Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Watchful Spirit Phulakterion
Lesvos / Naxos / Sifnos / Mykonos / Kalymnos / Poros / Kefallonia Spirit Tech Apparatus


__________ Subway Loots :

Construction Sleeves
Boots of Infinite Speed
Living Cyber (Armor)
Morphing Memory
Ring of the Nucleus Basalis
Juggler's Treat
Illegal Ofab Weapons


__________ High Level Subway Loots :

Construction Sleeves
Boots of Gridspace Distortion
Condemned Bulwark
Counterfeit fr00b T-shirt
Eumenidess Omni-Pol Forest Body Armor
Fetid Vagabond Cloak
Fortified Construction Sleeves
Jester's Gift
Mark of the Bloodless
Notum-Infused Wool Balaclava Mask
Reinforced Bau Cyber (Armor)
Superior Ring of the Nucleus Basalis
Supreme Office Worker Suit
Survivalist Leather Armor Legwear
Symbiotic Nanite Gloves
Vergils Black Trenchcoat
Amalgamated Research Attunement Device
Aspect of Paralyzing Fear
Belt of Great Justice
Combat Assist Wen-Wen
Eye of The Psion
Patchwork Defensive Drone
Purification Stim
Technical Guidance Personal Terminal
Unstable Damage Augmentation Device
BBI Faithful 1000
Distraction Rifle
Vicious Support Beam of Malice
Illegally Augmented Ofab Mongoose
Illegally Modified Dreadloch Modified Shark
Illegally Modified Dreadloch Obliterator
Illegally Modified Dreadloch Panther
Illegally Modified Dreadloch Remodulator
Illegally Modified Dreadloch Thrasher
Illegally-Modified Dreadloch Tigress
Lost Blade of Elder Tsunayoshi


__________ Smuggler's Den :


Notum Focus
Spirit Focus
Mantis Mobs
Splintered Mantis Predator Blade
Mantis Predator Blade

Metallic Mantis Predator Blade
Deformed Mantidae > Metallic Mantis Armor
Mantis Queen
Mantis Egg
Queen Blade
The One (juste au nord du donjon)
Breastplate of Spiritual Rites
Breastplate of Technical Ceremonies
Helmet of Spiritual Rites
Helmet of Technical Ceremonies


__________ Step of Madness :

Neleb the Deranged + Step of Madness
Fractured Sanity > Fractured Nightmare
Neleb's Nano-circuit Robe > Neleb's Nano-master Robe
Neleb's Notum Battlerod > Neleb's Nightmare Battlerod
Dream Mesh Circuit
Dark Dreams Notum Habit & Neleb
Essence of Pure Jealousy
Brainchopper Mind Shard
Cortex of the Executioner Betrayer of Memory
Emotional Sponge Suppressed Emotion
Gentle Hands Fragment of Sanity
Brutal Hands Thief of Reason
Loving Hands Sanity's Edge
Neutrino Flash Notum Habit
Nervejolter Pulsing Hatred
Fear-forged Blade Unrelenting Fear
Ether Upgrade items, general drop


__________ Temple (mobs & Bosses) :

Bronze Ring of the Three
Gold Ring of the Three
Notum Ring of the Three
Notum Ring of the Three
Notum Ring of the Three
Platinum Ring of the Three
Platinum Ring of the Three
Platinum Ring of the Three
Silver Ring of the Three
Shadowfade (Armor)
Exarch Robe
Windcaller Robe
Reverend Robe
Acolyte Robe
Robe of the Faithful
Barrow Strength
Notum Splice
Nematet's Inner Eye
Touch of the Gripper
Ring of Weeping Flesh
Withered Flesh
Skull of Woe
Dark memories

Memory Loop
Temporal Chalice

Guardian Tank Armour
Guardian Circuit board
Stygian Desolator

Purifying rod


__________ Temple (High Level) :

Desecrated Flesh
Exarch Purified Robe
Fist of Heavens
Guardian Heavy Tank Armor
Gartua's Second Coat
Mountain Razing Gauntlets
Purified Robes
Strength of the Immortal
Twilight Entreatment Armor
Bloodthrall Ring
Notum Ring of the Three
Notum Ring of the Three (red)
Notum Ring of the Three (yellow)
Ring of Blighted Flesh
Ring of the Coiled Serpent
Ring of Purifying Flame
Blessing of the Gripper
Ethereal Embrace
Grasp of the Immortal
Inner Peace
Keeper's Vigor
Nematet's Third Eye
Notum Graft
Vision of the Heretic
Wit of the Immortal
Bone Staff of The Immortal Summoner
Ceremonial Blade
Corrupted Edge
Envoy to Chaos
Obsidian Desecrator
Sacred Chalice
Summoner's Staff of Dismissal
Uklesh's Talon
Knowledge of the Immortal One
Sacred Text of the Immortal One
Tattered book: Stampede of the Boar
Tattered book: Sting of the Viper
Aegis Circuit Board
Corrupted Bloodmark
Corrupted Soulmark
Lucid Nightmares
Memory of Future Events
Mnemonic Shard
Ornate Funeral Urn
Rod of Dismissal
Sanguine Vambrace


__________ The Reck :

Damaged Notum Tower Shield
Experimental Optic Enhancer
Riker's Resolve
M.A.G.S. Aggression Enhancer
Vision of Destruction
Vision of Hope
Wardog's Heated Razor Gloves
Stripped Merit Board
Gem of the Sands
Cyborg C.O. Wrist Computer
The Dog of War
Skawt's Plasma Emitter
Skawt's Compact Plasma Emitter
Huzzum's Iron Fist
The Wizdom of Huzzum


__________ Tir Uniques :


Candy Cord
Counterfeit Omni Epaulet
Standard Medical Epaulet
Metallic Hoop
Capsule of Thin Blood
Starched Armbands
R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit
Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset
Rat Catcher Goggles
Advanced Scent Sensor
Blue Baby Bronto Boots
Torrith the Ancient
Neural Interpreting Nball Melee Fighting
Commander Kelly Frederickson
Frederickson Cumulus model II
Frederickson Micro-Kinetic Sleeves
Frederickson's Kinetic Sleeves


__________ Xan playfields:

Xan playfields (booster pack required)
Beta Symbiants > Alpha Symbiants
Shade Spirits QL 250+
Skill NCU (upgrades 1-6)
Apf Belts upgrades
Token Board upgrades
Beast weapons upgrades
Beast modified weapons
Pande Hhab upgrades
Zod star upgrades

compiled by Bitnykk