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More musical alchemy from the HEX collective; NYC singer/songwriter [9] and Paris-based composer/guitarist Nykk, backbeats by undergrounder Christof.

From the hypnotic kick of "Lucifer Fell" to the more sensual strut of "Wicked Sexy Violet Pisces", this Franco-American tribe not only makes you sweat – they’re gonna make you think.

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industry feedback :

A remote cross between classic alternative pop influences and beats you'd hear at a Parisian rave... "Christiania" is a rasta-funky, sink into a beanbag with bloodshot eyes. Despite the awkwardness of production, it still manages to be a pretty cool song. Lead vocals...make this Euro-import interesting. A cacophonic mix of instruments gives the CD an avant garde, modern art feel.
Carrie Crespo, music reviewer, Womanrock

"Singer [9]'s soft presence and Franglais lyrics [are] a consistently inviting element. Our favorite song is "Wicked Sexy" which is accessible due to its catchy, guitar-oriented approach...making it of interest to Film/TV/Advertising mavens."
Music Connection

"HEX is a wild ride of electronica meets Goth and House. This group delivers a pagan, witchy sound that will have you moving on the dance floor... or around your local fire circle."
Laney Goodman, nationally syndicated radio host/DJ, US


webz :

- Tower Records has picked up the album for distribution worldwide.

- Album available at #1 indie music e-store CDBaby.



"Surreal gothic art house rock with techno and dance elements, layered with ethereal poetic female vocals. Soundtrack worthy!"
Andrew Frey, music reviewer, Maximum Ink

"Brooding experimental music with elements of rock, folk and electronic like Bjork, Tori Amos and a touch of Norah Jones".

"Sensual vocals, humorous tales, wigged-out, funky cuts, magical bass lines and rockier songs ala Led Zeppelin. Spooky, danceable and fun. "Spoonful of Voodoo" is a wicked treat of an album."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds

" I LOVE THIS CD! I know several of my friends that would love it too! The music is refreshingly original and very thought provoking."
Jay Davis, programming director, WRAR FM, US


tv/film :

- Selected tracks (including "Lucifer Fell" & "Dumb Blonde") tagged for future BAHX indie film projects (Tokyo/NYC).

- Selected tracks from the "Spoonful of Voodoo" album being considered for inclusion on soundtracks of several other indie films.


airplay :

- "Spoonful of Voodoo" album getting strong airplay in France and in Southeastern U.S.


clubbing :

- Title track "Hex" spun on dancefloor by DJ Xavier at nightclub "Cream" in NYC.

e-mail : hexmusic_AT_free_DOT_fr

last update : 17 11 2004